Current NSI Research

In addition to the research conducted by our affiliates, NSI is involved in investigating several topics related to High-Perfomance Computing (HPC) and High-Speed networking.
  • Using high-speed network interconnects for distributed sharing of large data sets.
  • Collaborate with Altair to better manage the Xeon PHI coprocessor support with PBS/Pro.
  • Preliminary research to provide improved Intel Xeon PHI coprocessor support for bioinformatic processing.

Current and future use of the UNLV National Supercomputing Institute's resources (non-exhaustive)

  1. Transposon Silencing in Human Somatic Cells
  2. — Mira Han, Life Sciences, Nevada Institute of Personalized Medicine (NIPM)
  3. Planet Formation in Binary Star Systems
  4. — Rebecca Martin, Physics and Astronomy
  5. Satellite Formation and Migration Around Giant Planets
  6. — Rebecca Martin, Physics and Astronomy
  7. Asteroid Collisions on Terrestrial Planets
  8. — Rebecca Martin, Physics and Astronomy
  9. Monte Carlo Simulation of the Feasibility of Image-Guided Radiation Therapy
  10. — Hui Wang, Health Physics and Diagnostic Sciences
  11. Multiple Modelity Medical Imaging (such as spectral CT, SPECT/CT imaging)
  12. — Hui Wang, Health Physics and Diagnostic Sciences
  13. Dose Monitoring in Particle Radiation Therapy
  14. — Hui Wang, Health Physics and Diagnostic Sciences
  15. High Resolution Quantum Control of Chemical Reactions, Funding agency: Department of Defense, Amount:$371,543, period:09/01/12-02/28/18
  16. — Balakrishnan Naduvalath, Chemistry and Biochemistry
  17. Accurate Methods for Ultracold Reactions with Product Quantum State Resolution (07/01/15 - 06/30/18)
  18. — Balakrishnan Naduvalath,Chemistry and Biochemistry
  19. Pending Grants:
    1. Non-adiabatic Effects in Ultracold Chemistry, Funding Agency: NSF, Amount:$281,817, duration:07/01/18-06/30/21
    2. Molecular Ro-vibrational Collision Rates for Infrared Modeling of Warm Interstellar Gas from Full-dimensional Quantum Calculations, Funding Agency: NASA, Amount:$100,131, duration:02/01/18-01/31/20
    3. Controlled Chemistry with Ultracold Molecules, Funding agency: Department of Defense, Amount:$59,505, Duration:10/01/17-06/30/18
    4. Collaborative Research: Towards Complete Hydrogen Chloride Rovibrational Chemistry and Excitation in UV Irradiated Astrophysical Environments, Funding Agency: NSF, Amount:$54,999, Duration:11/01/18-10/31/21
    — Balakrishnan Naduvalath, Chemistry and Biochemistry
  20. Quantum Dynamics of Few-Body Systems
  21. — Bernard Zygelman, Physics and Astronomy
  22. The Signaling Network Underlying the Responses of Rice Cells to Stress Hormone Abscisic Acid and Growth Hormone Gibberellins
  23. — Jeffery Shen, Life Sciences
  24. A Real-Time Emergency Response System for First Responders
  25. — Darrell Pepper, Mechanical Engineering
  26. KIVA hp-FEM with LES Modeling with Conjugate Heat Transfer
  27. — Darrell Pepper, Mechanical Engineering
  28. NOAA - AMS - Weather Simulation Using WRF
  29. — Darrell Pepper, Mechanical Engineering
  30. A Population Genetics Model for Cancer Gene Detection
  31. — Amei Amei, Mathematical Sciences
  32. Bayesian Variable Selection for Ordinal Categorical Response Data, not funded
  33. — Amei Amei, Mathematical Sciences
  34. Genome Mapping of Sea Cucumber
  35. — Sidkazem (Kazem) Taghva, Computer Science
  36. Computational Studies of Radiation-MHD Disk Winds
  37. — Daniel Proga, Physics and Astronomy
  38. Exoplanet Formation and Dynamical Evolution
  39. — Jason Steffen, Physics and Astronomy
  40. Adaptive Designs for Cancer and Neuroscience Clinical Trials
  41. — Guogen Shan, Community Health-Environmental Occupational Health
  42. Using Deep Learning for Complex Relationship on Genome and Phenome
  43. — Justin Zhan, Computer Science
  44. Genetic Studies of Schizophrenia, funded by NIH/NIMH
  45. — Xiangning (Sam) Chen, Psychology
  46. Genetic Studies of Nicotine Dependence, funded by NIH/NIDA
  47. — Xiangning (Sam) Chen, Psychology
  48. Nevada COBRE of Personalized Medicine
  49. — Xiangning (Sam) Chen, Psychology
  50. UNLV EPSCoR, pending from NSF
  51. — Xiangning (Sam) Chen, Psychology
  52. Two pilot projects from UNLV and CTR-IN
  53. — Xiangning (Sam) Chen, Psychology
  54. Spectroscopy of Carbon Chains and Polycyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbons
  55. — Eunja Kim, Physics and Astronomy Research
  56. Nevada Institute of Personalized Medicine (NIPM) - Key Support of NIH COBRE Application
    1. Algorithms for subtyping Alzheimer’s Disease - (Ruvo Center collaboration) -
    2. Genetic Relationship Between Schizophrenia and Autoimmune Disorders
    3. A Pilot Study to Develop Personalized Reference Values of Bone Mineral Density
    4. Neurodegeneration and Translational Neuroscience (Lou Ruvo Center collaboration)
    5. National Institutes of Health (NIAID) A Novel High-Throughput Functional Screen Based Upon Chimeric Minimotif Decoys, Principal Investigator  R21AI116411
    6. National Institutes of Health (NIAID) HIV Toolbox, An Interactive, Visual, and Customizable HIV Protein Ontology, Principal Investigator  R56AI109156 2 Govenor's Office of Economic Development, Knowledge Fund Institute For Quantitative Health Sciences at the University of Nevada Las Vegas Co-Investigator Nevada Institute of Personalized Medicine
    7. National Institutes of Health (NIGMS) THE C-TERMINOME, Principal Investigator  R15GM107983
    8. Minimotif Miner 4: a million peptide minimotifs and counting. Lyon KF, Cai X, Young RJ, Mamun AA, Rajasekaran S, Schiller MR. Nucleic Acids Res. 2017 Nov 11. doi: 10.1093/nar/gkx1085. [Epub ahead of print] PMID: 29140456
    — Martin Schiller, Office of Research and Economic Development
  57. Deep Adaptive Canonical Correlation Analysis for fMRI Activation
  58. — Zhengshi Yang, Cleveland Clinic Lou Ruvo Center for Brain Health
  59. Mixing and Assimilation of Reuse Effluent
  60. — David James, Civil and Environmental Engineering and Construction
  61. Asthma and Childhood Obesity: Strategies to Reduce Exercise-Induced Bronchoconstriction
  62. — Dharini Bhammar, Kinesiology and Nutrition Sciences
  63. Computational Fluid Dynamics, not funded
  64. — Monika Neda, Mathematical Sciences
  65. Computational Screening of Prebiotics formation from simple Amino Acids
  66. — Qiang Zhu, Physics and Astronomy
  67. Developing automated tool for grain boundary structure search and analysis;
  68. — Qiang Zhu, Physics and Astronomy
  69. RGAP: The heritable transcriptome and alcoholism (R24 AA013162 from NIAAA/NIH)
  70. — Laura Saba, Pharmacology at UC Denver
  71. NIDA Core “Center of Excellence” in Omics, Systems Genetics, and the Addictome (P30 DA044223 from NIDA/NIH)
  72. — Laura Saba, Pharmacology at UC Denver