Using X Windows with NSI resources

Here are instuctions on how to use UNLV NSI's resources with
the X window system.

MacOS X, Linux, UNIX, and other Operating Systems which
support X Windows natively

Everything that you need to run X on these operating systems should
already be installed on your system.

The only thing that you should need to do with these operating systems
is tell ssh to tunnel X Windows connections back to your display. When
you execute ssh give it the -Y option (or -X for some versions of ssh) to
enable this.

Unless your ssh client or the host you are connected to has X Windows
forwarding disabled this should setup your desktop system and network
connections to use allow X applications to display output on your screen.

To test that things are working correctly, simply run the application you
are interested in or some other X Windows application (both xterm &
xclock are simple/widely available standard applications).

Microsoft Windows

Microsoft Windows requires additional software to display X Windows
applications. While there are several X Windows display solutions available,
the one we have documented is Xming.

In addition to Xming, you may need to install a ssh client to NSI resources.
We support using the Putty client on Windows machines. PuTTY is a freely
available SSH client for Windows available at:

When you set up your ssh session inside of putty you need to go to
Connection->SSH->X11 in the configuration tree and verify "Enable X11
forwarding" is enabled (checked).

Installing Xming

Xming is an X Windows Server for Microsoft Windows, and has a freely
available public domain version available. The installation is simple.

The software and installation instructions are available here.

And don't overlook installing the font's, they are a separate package.