Available Resources: Cherry Creek Cluster

In collaboration with Intel, Penguin Computing, and Switch Communications, the Cherry Creek supercomputer is now available for use.

The name Cherry Creek was used by Intel when they built and demonstrated the machine at trade shows. We started using the name internally and it just stuck. The original Cherry Creek was used as a demo machine at several trade shows and conferences. It was ranked on the top 100 Green machines and in the top 500 supercomputer lists

The original Cherry Creek (1.0) had 48 nodes. Each node had 2 Intel Xeon E5 - 2697v2 (12 cores each), 128Gb Ram, and 3 Intel Xeon Phi 7120P coprocessors (with 61 cores each).

In addition to the 48 nodes above, Cherry Creek 2.0 has an additional: 48 Penguin Computing Relion nodes each with 2 Xeon E5 - 2640v3 (8 cores each), 128Gb Ram, and 4 Intel Xeon Phi 31S1P (with 57 cores each). It also contains 24 Intel manufactured nodes with 2 Xeon E5 - 2697v2 (12 cores each), 192Gb Ram, and 2 Intel Xeon Phi 7120P coprocessors (with 61 cores each).

Cherry Creek 2.0 currently has the following capabilities: theoretical peak speed of 495 TFlops/s (Trillion Floating-Point operations per second), total Memory: 32.470 TB (TeraBytes), and total scratch storage of 46.32 TB.

It is ranked 394 on the June 2015 Top 500 list (http://www.top500.org) and 186 on the June 2015 Green 500 list ((http://www.green500.org).