How to use the Cherry-Creek cluster

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  • Logging in -- How to access the cherry-creek cluster
  • X windows -- How to use the X window system with the cherry-creek cluster.
  • Unix/Linux -- Unix/Linux command reference to help with using the cherry-creek cluster.
  • Software -- General use software installed on the cherry-creek cluster.
  • Running PBS Jobs -- How to run batch jobs on the cherry-creek cluster
  • PBS Command Files -- Tips for building a PBS/Pro command file on the cherry-creek cluster. Please pay particular attention to the tips on how to size resource requests.
  • Matlab -- How to run MATLAB on cherry-creek.
  • Parallel Computing using Matlab -- Instructions for using Matlab parallel server, from the MathSoft seminar
  • Using R -- How to run R scripts on cherry-creek.
  • Installing R packages -- How to install your own R packages on cherry-creek.